There has been much press and media coverage recently concerning the state of our polluted waterways. In the press and on TV we have seen many instances of the inadequate and outdated sewage release systems whereby raw untreated sewage is allowed to enter our rivers and lakes through what is technically called ‘Combined Sewage Systems’. What happens is that when we have excessive rainfall much of it is diverted into the water treatment plants which are unable to cope with the volume so release water ( and poo etc.)  into the nearest outfall which runs straight into our waterways. Not nice for people, swimmers, anglers, wildlife, fish, padders and all water users. And Windermere is no exception. I have witnessed two recent incidents where the brown stuff has flowed across the road leading to Waterhead and into the lake. Paul Whitehouse’s recent programmes on BBC highlighted the state of our rivers but we all need to be more pro active in pushing for our water companies to get their fingers out. Otherwise I fear for the future of our green and pleasant land.

But enough of the ranting. We  have been fishing out on the big pond for some early season pike over the last month or so and although the population of pike seems to be lacking those really big ones of a few years ago ( I am convinced it’s a cyclic thing) the fish we have been catching have been in great condition which bodes well for the future. Many days we have had the lake almost to ourselves which has been good for us and even better for the pike. Best so far was  a 23 lb fish to Mick Done which turned him from an articulate university lecturer into a gibbering twelve year old in a matter of minutes.  It didn’t help that I was equally excited!  Interestingly though has been the number of Brown Trout we have encountered. In one part of the lake we have had three fish above five pounds on small deadbaits and another seven pounder from off the back of Belle Isle. The one in the picture with Matt Ganon took a half sardine but I’d love to get one of these on a fly and perhaps this years Mayfly time might be worthwhile…I’ll let you know. Although the Beagle will be off  Windermere in a week or so I’m back in the Doghouse late May and June for lure and fly fishing for pike but this time I’ll have a trout rod aboard just in case.. I’ll let you know how we get on. But the trout season is just around the corner and with a move to Derwentwater in the offing I’m looking forward to meeting a few big ferox from there as well as down the river. Meanwhile, there will be some decent pike and perch to meet as the day get longer and winter fades away. (hopefully!)

We are getting well booked up for the summer but if you fancy a look out we will try our best to get you out there. But please…don’t drink the water!!

Tarra, Eric

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