It’s February…and real winter!!

Hello there all you would be anglers. This is just a short update to tease a little and keep you interested till we have some suitably envy evoking pictures of fish to show and similarly upsetting tales of derring do as we fight another huge fish to the boat. Well, it would be like that if it weren’t for icy cold weather and snow covering the mountains. Proper winter conditions and good snow cover have been more tempting to an ageing mountain man than fishing of late, sorry but you have to make the most of what the weather throws. Anyway, Bassenthwaite is frozen over, Derwentwater is frozen in the bays and most small waters locked under several inches of ice. Mind you, in spite of the weather, I’m taking the Beagle to Windermere tomorrow so there’s additional temptations coming up. This is as much for my own enjoyment as any working days. The sunshine around mid day is too good to be missed, and the idea of sitting out there writing and drinking tea whilst waiting for a run has much to commend it. Although I have been making the most of this wintery weather by fell walking with Mrs Hope over the past few weeks and the views from the tops have been simply superb.

So here’s a couple of suitable pictures taken this week that do not involve any fish at all and a teaser view down the rod from January.. A real rarity for this web site!

Alcock tarn is above Grasmere and from the southern end we could gaze across to Windermere, Coniston and look down to Grasmere and beyond to Bowfell and the Langdales. With almost total snow cover and bright blue above, it ‘s good for the body and not bad for the soul as well.

Nearly as uplifting a catching fish !!

tarra for now,


Mrs H at Alcock Tarn looking towards Langdale

Mrs H at Alcock Tarn looking towards Langdale

Ice ...Nuff said!

Ice …Nuff said!

Last trip out...January find the float

Last trip out…January find the float