February Piking is just a few days away!!!

With the days stretching out a little I’ve been servicing engines, sorting rods, oiling reels and generally getting ready for the start of our annual spring sessions on Windermere. It could be viewed as a sad reflection on my part and maybe I need to get out more, but after the dark days of winter I get quite excited about the prospect of spring pike fishing. Its like the excitement of the run up to Christmas when we were kids and you had an idea what you might get but were never really sure until the big day. In the case of the pike fishing we all hope for the big one but are grateful for whatever comes along. And just to be out there on a half decent day with the comfort of the early sun warming my bones, and four floats sitting half cocked at the ready, is almost enough in itself. Then, usually just when the kettle starts to boil, one of the floats shudders a little, slides across the surface then slips away as an unknown something takes the bait. And that moment of tingling uncertainty and excitement defines the reason why I love pike fishing. Then the rod comes up and there is a pause in the natural scheme of things as both fish and angler register a change in circumstance……. Sorry , I’m getting carried away with myself but I do love it, and after a finger numbing winter it will be good to be back. There’s a few days spring salmon fishing lined up as well for later in the month and with the Eden producing more than a few twenty pounders last year you might see a few pictures of other Lake District twenty pound fish this year. Meanwhile when the weather is bad I’m still working on the book..which if I can find a publisher might be out for next Christmas. We’ll see, but for the moment, our anglers presents might be just around the corner. Must get those baits wrapped up!!

Tarra Eric.