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Catch This! Blog

Belated festive greetings

Hello out there in browser land. HUGE apologies to my regular visitors for lack of updating the catch this section of my web site. Not my fault, but all the phone lines and internet connections were cut up by contractors digging deep a few miles away just before Chistmas and took three weeks to sort! Isn’t modern life great! Grrr…. Mind you we did have a quiet Chr…

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Wild weather is a coming in...and a mystery solved!!

With the rapidly shortening sepia toned days of Autumn drawing us ever closer to the fire side, this is the time of year where I spend a last couple of weeks down on Windermere ilooking for big pike. It is always a bit of a lottery as these are particularly moody fish and while some days are filled with expectation , others just seem a futile excercise in trying to look busy while sitting…

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Proof of other species......(if it were needed)

Hello again out there in cyber space land, here’s a very quick update on recent fishing that almost does not mention the ‘P’ word at all. Well, that is apart from a short section about a recent visit to one of our different Lake District venues. As mentioned in the last ‘catch this blog’ I have more or less give up fishing for perch till next year as…

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Ok ...Enough is enough...I give in!!

For the past few months it would seem that there has been little else on this site other than pictures of perch, smiling children with perch and epic tales of great battles with specimen perch. So much so that I have actually had a couple of folk getting touch and complaining there are too many stories of… You guessed it…Perch. So bearing all this in mind here’…

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Lake District Perch fishing and clues to find them

When I was a lad growing up in the wilds of north Lancashire, perch were a reliable feature of our fishing. Mostly these were small but very welcome fish with a big one being perhaps ten inches long. Anything bigger was viewed as huge and almost worth phoning Angling Times! These days though as regular readers of this blog are well aware, as an angler living in the Lake District I am privi…

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