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Welcome to Eric’s fishing blog!

Salmon chanting evening.... (in the key of E minor)

For far too many years now I have been afflicted with yet another seasonal distraction that somehow takes over and dominates my thinking for a few weeks. In spite of mustering as much common sense as I can, and all the realistic arguments against the affliction I still get weirdly excited about the possiblity of salmon fishing. Mostly, I enjoy the phisicality of spey casting on a wild riv…

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Yes it is Perching time again

Well here we are at the end of another glorious summer and as the nights begin the slow draw down towards real Autumn weather I still wonder where our summer days escaped to. Funny how the things you look forwards to often fail to materialise or is it just me having a temporary run of bad luck!! Still, whatever the weather, as the days shorten and our swallows pack their bags for an…

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Well the Met. office says it is summer!!

Yes the weather forecasting community tell us we are still in meteorlogical summer, but no-one seems to have told the actual weather. Unless of course you have been tucked away in some micro-climatic corner of Britain, you will not need me to remind you that this years summer has been awful.! But, even though there have been lots of times when industrial waterproofs have been required, there ha…

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The Glorious Sixteenth of June (and other stories)

There are some days in life we remember well- birthdays and significant anniversaries being a couple of examples.( that is apart from men and wedding anniversaries!) Others for fishermen of a certain age of which I’m one, might well include such dates as the sixteenth of June which, when we had a general close season, was the opening day of the coarse fishing season. After three months …

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Well I did say it was time for a few trout!

Apologies to both my regular readers and the three other visitors who come and check out what I have been up to. AS many of you are well aware, generally I do not post pictures on here or on the Hemmingways facebook page ( yes there is one of sorts!) at the time of capture, because there are shrebbenous wretches of an unscrupulous nature who trail round trying to find short cuts to great fishin…

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