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Welcome to Eric’s fishing blog!

Well I did say it was time for a few trout!

Apologies to both my regular readers and the three other visitors who come and check out what I have been up to. AS many of you are well aware, generally I do not post pictures on here or on the Hemmingways facebook page ( yes there is one of sorts!) at the time of capture, because there are shrebbenous wretches of an unscrupulous nature who trail round trying to find short cuts to great fishin…

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Goodbye to the big pond and here comes trouting time

Well its coming up the end of March and with recent snow streaking the fellsides somedays on the water feel more like winter than spring up here in the Lake District. Mind you, when the sun pokes through it can be a stunning place to sit and fish and there are times when it is even warm. To be honest there have been several hard days when I have wished I had been a golf addict or a coach of…

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Valentines day and a new romance!!

It’s the fourteenth of February and I hope all those of you who deserve it have received a Valentines card from someone very nice and those who didn’t ..well tough luck. Better be good and you may do better next year! Tradtitionally this is supposed to be the day all the birds choose their mates although some of our local blackbirds would seem to operate on a different tim…

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Seasons Greetings to you all

Well it is the season to be jolly and all that stuiff, when Christmas and the New Year festivities and colds, flu and sneezes roll round again, along with auntie Sam, Cousin Alex, Uncle Dan, our Heather, ‘little’ Sofia, Harrison and all the rest of the hordes of screaming exciteable grandchildren- ‘Aaah, bless ‘em’ I hear you sigh…. ‘Grrrrr’ is…

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Flights of Geese mark my changing seasons

I lifted the Doghouse off Derwentwater last week ahead of any possible winter weather events, and as I cleaned the weed from the trailer there was a distant skywards honking as yet another arrowing flight of geese flew in from Spitzbergen. These flights of overwintering birds mark the passing of my seasons in much the same way as the springtime arrival of swallows lifts the mood of an April mo…

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