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Lake District Perch fishing and clues to find them

When I was a lad growing up in the wilds of north Lancashire, perch were a reliable feature of our fishing. Mostly these were small but very welcome fish with a big one being perhaps ten inches long. Anything bigger was viewed as huge and almost worth phoning Angling Times! These days though as regular readers of this blog are well aware, as an angler living in the Lake District I am privi…

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Phew what a scorcher!! But Percy Perch doesn't mind.

Yes we are really having a proper old fashioned summer here in what was once the Lake District. It might be better called the Puddle District these days as all the rivers are at rock bottom, the lakes are bathtub warm (23.4F surface temperature yesterday on Derwentwater) and until today we have had litlle else but weeks of cloudless skies and hot, hot sunshine. Now while this is great for a…

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Trout, Trout and not so old Trout

With the weather here in the Lake District finally relenting and some days at least feeling like summer, we have been busy upsetting a few fish of the spotted variety on our local rivers. Time was when an average local trout on the Eden or Derwent might have been a nine ot ten inch fish, and an exceptional one perhaps fourteen inches long, but that was in the days before folks realised th…

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There's a rumour that spring is round the corner...Shhhh!

In case you’ve been off the planet, or loafing on a sunny beach waiting for the tide to turn and a shoal of exotic high speed fish to swim past, we poor souls in darkest Cumbria have endured a long, cold winter and snow still streaks the fellsides. As a reuslt of all the extended wintry stuff much of the natural world seems a few weeks behind and even though the first of our swallows ret…

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Trouble at 't' mill all sorted!

Thanks to Frank Kimble for flagging up the lack of wordage on the ‘catch this’ pages. They had all vanished into some cyber space cupboard on the edge of reason and I was worried for a while. Being a man who reads rivers and water rather than cyber stuff it was a total mystery. All is well again now though. I have been down on Windermere for over a week or so now and if you …

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